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Semi-closed screw

Positioning slide table-standard type screw semi-closed: TPA85S

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You can refer to our sample book to make your own selection, or you can only provide us with relevant technical parameters and use requirements, and we will complete the next work for you!



Selection Guide

Motor connection direction

  Motor external direct connection M 

 External motor below MP 

 External motor right MR 

 External motor left ML 

Multi-axis connection

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Precautions for use

1. To prevent accidents and safety maintenance, please understand the characteristics and installation instructions of the products before using our products.

2. Please use this type of product within the selected parameter range. Do not use it beyond the parameter range, otherwise it will cause unpredictable danger. If it is used under special conditions, it must be confirmed within the controllable safety performance before it can be used. If you have any questions about the parameters of the product, you can consult our company's relevant technology before using it.

3. Please don't disassemble the product structure, function and disassembly and modification without permission. The company is not responsible for the loss caused by the product failure due to all human-made reasons.

4. When the product is installed vertically, please pay attention to whether the slide object will drop by itself when disassembling the motor. It is recommended to lower the slide object to the lowest end before disassembly.

5. Before running the product, check whether the cable terminals are in good contact, otherwise it will cause the motor to heat up, become hot and run poorly.

6. When debugging the motor parameters, you need to consider the inertia, acceleration and deceleration, etc. First, manually control and jog back and forth to prevent improper commissioning and damage to objects. Do not allow hands and other objects to touch, keep a certain safety distance to prevent accidental injury.

7. When selecting a screw drive product, if the slenderness ratio of the screw is exceeded, resonance may occur. At this time, the moving speed should be reduced. For example, when selecting a belt drive product, if you click the alarm, the product does not understand the operation. At this time, you should add a reducer, adjust the rigidity of the motor, increase the torque, and run smoothly.

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