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Celebrate the establishment of our Shenzhen office

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TPA Transmission is a professional manufacturer of transmission products. It has been committed to the development and production of various automatic transmission accessories for many years, and has already gained a certain reputation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Tracing the company's history, as the company's scale expanded step by step, our company has experienced: Shanghai Qingpu moved to Shanghai Jiading; Suzhou office was established; in 2018, the company moved to Suzhou and expanded its scale.

In early May 2019, with the rapid growth of the TPA business, in order to meet the needs of the South China market and at the same time for the company's long-term planning for the future development, an office was set up in Shenzhen. The establishment of the Shenzhen office is to meet the needs of the market, and it also marks that TPA will enter a new stage of development, an important step in the market development strategy. In the future, our company will further improve the customer service in East China and South China, and gradually expand the market service area. While maintaining the company's advantages, we can better cooperate with customers.

I hope that new and old customers and suppliers can continue to give us consistent support and let us grow and develop together. "Always provide excellent service to our partners, and we have the responsibilities of Fang Yuan.

The above is the Suzhou headquarters.

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