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What is a linear module?

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Linear modules are also listed as axis manipulators, which are also called electric slides, single-axis drives, and single-axis robots in China.

Single-axis manipulator can realize multi-axis combination through different combination styles, and realize applications such as Cartesian coordinate manipulator, XYZ multi-axis manipulator (XY table) and so on. The single-axis manipulator is generally driven by a ball screw or a synchronous toothed belt, and uses a precision linear guide as the guiding mechanism to achieve single-direction transportation, positioning, transfer, pick-and-place, and inspection functions.

It is widely used in the field of automation. Single-axis manipulators can be used with servo motors or stepper motors to achieve positioning in different applications. As the continuous application of modern industrial modularization and integration concepts, the emergence of single-axis manipulators | precision electric slides has undoubtedly reduced the time and efficiency of automated production line and automation equipment development.
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