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Do you know the working principle and application range of the cross slide?

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The cross slide refers to a combination slide composed of two sets of linear slides according to the X-axis direction and the Y-axis direction. It is also commonly referred to as a coordinate axis slide and an XY axis slide.

The X axis is often expressed horizontally in the industrial industry, and the other axis is the Y axis. When the midpoint of the X-axis coincides with the Y-axis, it looks like a "ten" in Chinese, and the name of the cross slide comes from this.

  working principle

The working principle of the cross slide is that it is fixed on the slider of another slide through a set of linear slides. For example: the cross slide fixes the X axis to the Y axis slide, so that the slider on the X axis is a moving object, and the Y direction of the slider can be controlled by the Y axis, and the X of the slider can be controlled by the X axis Directional motion

Usually realized by external drive. In this way, the slider can complete fixed-point motion, linear or curved motion in plane coordinates.


The cross slide is mainly used in the automation industry, mainly concentrated in several major industry blocks:

Medical machinery industry: inspection equipment, testing equipment.

Plane processing machinery industry: spraying machinery, dispensing machinery, gluing machinery, etc.

Logistics industry: automatic cargo classification machinery, warehouse management machinery, etc.

Equipment transformation industry: manipulator equipment, production line equipment.

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